Legal services offers advice, help to UT students with tickets

Bobby Blanchard

With spring break over, UT’s Legal Services for Students is entering its busy season.

The office of  Legal Services for Students offers free legal advice to UT students on any legal issue, including criminal charges. Sylvia Holmes, an attorney for UT’s Legal Services for Students, said she sees many students who have tickets for underage drinking or public intoxication after spring break. Holmes said she wants students to remember her office is available to help students who might have gotten in trouble during the break.

“Do not delay in seeking out help and advice,” Holmes said. 

Holmes said students should not pay any fines without seeking advice from an attorney. She said in many cases, students can get lower fines or charges, depending on circumstances and county that issued the ticket.

“You do not want to just pay fines without finding out what you’re doing first,” Holmes said. 

Holmes also said she might see students who are facing felony charges for crossing state borders with marijuana. Before spring break, Holmes said she was concerned students would visit Colorado, where marijuana is now legal and bring it back to Texas. Bringing marijuana across state borders violates state commerce laws, which is more serious than a marijuana offense.

Students can register for an appointment online at Holmes said if they cannot make an appointment with UT’s legal services, they should contact any criminal attorney. Most criminal attorneys do not charge for an initial consultation. 

Legal Services for Students also helps students with job contracts, non-disclosure agreements, launching new businesses and leasing.