Faculty vote to determine fall break to take place at Hogg Memorial Auditorium on Monday

Christine Ayala

The general faculty meeting to vote on a fall break proposal on Monday will now be held in the Hogg Memorial Auditorium instead of the Student Activity Center auditorium.

At least 366 voting faculty members must be present Monday to vote on the fall break proposal, which would give students and faculty two days off near the end of October beginning next fall.

The special meeting was set after 59 faculty members petitioned in opposition to the proposal, forcing a full faculty vote after the Faculty Council initially voted in favor of it in January. Only 25 petitions were needed to call the meeting.

Many professors expressed concerns about losing class time for required labs in natural science classes, which might require class restructuring or less lab time. The current proposal would also push the start of classes two days earlier, to Aug. 25.