Villarreal and Williams take reins of Student Government


Mikaela Locklear

New student body president Horacio Villarreal was sworn into office Tuesday evening by former president Thor Lund. Villarreal and new vice president Ugeo Williams plan to implement initiatives such as upper division tutoring in the Sanger Learning Center and introduce more police call boxes in the north campus and Riverside areas.

Christine Ayala

Newly elected Student Government President Horacio Villarreal and Vice President Ugeo Williams took their new positions at Tuesday’s General Assembly meeting.

Villarreal, a history senior, and Williams, a sociology and education senior, are replacing previous Student Government President Thor Lund and Vice President Wills Brown.

Villarreal said he was excited to start working toward initiatives and programs for which they campaigned.

“We’ve already been meeting with so many people on campus for the last few weeks, this just makes it official,” Villarreal said. “We’re ready to get started.”

The executive alliance campaigned with plans to strengthen the organization’s connection to the Senate of College Councils and the Graduate Student Assembly, as well as connecting with more students and organizations to better voice the opinions of the student body.

They also plan to provide upper-division tutoring at the Sanger Learning Center, pair incoming and transfer students with upperclassmen mentors and improve safety for students living in north campus and in the Riverside area by introducing more police call boxes.

The newly elected college and university-wide representatives also selected committee chairs in addition to taking their new positions.

Williams said the executive alliance plans to individually review the campaign platforms of the new Student Government representatives.

“I‘m just getting to know everyone and meeting with everyone one-on-one,” Williams said. “Since we are going to be working closely, I want to make sure I get along with everyone.”

Villarreal and Williams were elected Feb. 28, in a campus-wide election, winning 53 percent of the vote. Villarreal is a former University-wide representative and Williams is a former College of Education representative.

Brown said he and Lund are glad to pass on the control of Student Government to Villarreal and Williams.

“I have full faith in Horacio and Ugeo and believe they’ll do a great job,” Brown said. “They’re both stand-up guys who truly do care about this university and are ready to serve day-in and day-out. I’m very happy to be passing on the torch to these two awesome friends of mine.”