SG, Co-op cowboy boot sales raise $23,000 for scholarships

Christine Ayala

Orange and white cowboy boots sold at the University Co-op have provided Student Government with $30,000 in scholarship funds for current students.

The boots that fund the Rebecca Carreon Boot Scholarship endowment fund range in price from $270 to $400, and all of the proceeds from the particular boot go toward the fund.

“Giving out the scholarship is an incredible opportunity for Student Government to live up to our goal of giving back to students,” said Kornel Rady, Student Governments’s external financial director.

Student Government and the Co-op have granted students more than $168,000 since 2008 in funds coming from the boot sales. Rady said Student Government hopes to increase funds for next year’s fund.

The scholarship application opens Friday and will be available to all current UT students outside of Student Government, and granted on the basis of need and merit. Applications must be completed by 5 p.m. on Friday, May 3, 2013 and delivered to the Student Government office. Winners will be announced in mid-May.

The scholarship application can be found in the Student Government Office SAC 2.102 and online at