UT students doodle on Perry-Castañeda Library’s whiteboards go on Flickr


Frank Meaker

This doodle, from one of the Perry-Castañeda Library's whiteboards, was uploaded to the UT Libraries Flickr account online.

Bobby Blanchard

Students who sought relief from end-of-the-year stresses by doodling on the whiteboards in the Perry-Castañeda Library just might be famous on Flickr.

Beginning in the spring of 2010, the library staff began uploading whiteboard drawings to photo albums on Flickr during the finals period. Some students write snarky and inspirational phrases, while others draw longhorns or superheroes.

The photos are taken throughout the semester and are examples of how students find relief during stressful times.

"It's been real, it's been fun, but it ain't been real fun," read a drawing uploaded May 9.

Library staff said students have responded positively to their newfound Internet fame and have begun signing their work. In just five days, the spring 2013 photo album received more than 8,000 views on Flickr. The fall 2012 album got more than 75,000 hits aftert UT shared it on its main Facebook page. 

"I think it's art therapy," said Perry-Castañeda Library spokesman Travis Willmann, who uploads the images and manages the Flickr page. "I think it's there to creatively and constructively blow off some steam during some pretty intense work during this time of year."

The Flickr albums are not well-known, but some students have become aware this is an ongoing project, Willman said.  

"We have a regular now, and he is signing his artwork," Willmann said. "He does it on a pretty regular basis."

The most recent uploaded artwork from this student, whose signature is sadly not legible, looks to be a soldier from the popular "Halo" series, limping forward without an arm.

"Push on through," the caption on the photo reads. "It's almost over." 

The last day of finals for most students is Tuesday. Graduation ceremonies begin on Friday and the main commencement is this Saturday.

Until then, it's back to the drawing boards. 

To see more photos from the Perry-Castañeda Library's whiteboards, check out this slideshow below: