Mosque set on fire in North London close to UT students studying abroad


The Associated Press

A Firefighter looks towards the fire damaged Bravanese Centre near Muswell Hill in north London Wednesday June 5, 2013.

Bobby Blanchard

UT students studying abroad in north London are approximately a mile away from a mosque that was set on fire Wednesday.

According to the Associated Press, a fire at the Somali Bravanese Welfare Association, or the Al-Rahma Islamic Center, is being investigated. After the fire, graffiti spelling out the name of a conservative right-wing group was found on a wall in the building. According to the AP, several mosques and Muslim centers have been targeted violently following the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in May.

The students studying abroad are a part of the Roots of Social and Economic Justice program, where students learn about the historic roots of the social work program. According to Alexa Ura, a multimedia journalism senior in the program, 24 students are a part of the program.

Ura said all the students are safe.  

Editor’s Note: Alexa Ura is a former Daily Texan staffer. She is studying abroad in the summer.