Greg Abbott speaks to Austinites at end of Texas tour


Emily Ng

Former longhorn quarterback Colt McCoy introudced Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott at an event in Austin. 

Bobby Blanchard

49ers quarterback and former longhorn Colt McCoy introduced Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott as "the next Texas governor" to a crowd of Abbott supporters at an event in Austin Thursday evening.

"It's been way too long since we've had a Longhorn in the governor's mansion," McCoy said. "He has a brilliant legal mind, a compassionate heart and deep roots in the Lone star state."

Austin was the last stop of Abbott's "Meet Greg Abbott" ten-city tour that the attorney general started after he announced he was running for Texas Governor earlier this week in San Antonio. He thanked his daughter, Audrey, who has introduced her father much throughout his Texas tour.

At the event, Abbott repeated much of what he said at his announcement in San Antonio on Sunday. He promised to fight for small businesses, keep Texas' economy strong, secure the Texas-Mexico border and reform education.

On the economy, Abbott referenced the bankruptcy Detroit filed earlier in the day on Thursday.

"Together we can keep the Texas economy number one by reducing the amount the state can borrow and prevent us from getting into the kind of debt that you saw strangle the city of Detroit that filed for bankruptcy today," Abbott said.

The attorney general said while he was on his tour, he visited two border towns, McAllen and El Paso.

"I got to tell you, the people of the border are very, very concerned about the spill over activity by the drug cartels," Abbott said.  "As your governor, I will put a stop to that and I will enforce the rule of law."

Abbott said as a product of public schools himself, he will make education reform a priority.

"We need to usher in a new era of education reform that will inspire a new generation of students to stay in school and graduate either career-ready or college-ready," Abbott said. "We need more teachers. And the teachers we have are being forced to teach the test too much."

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