Clemson’s Boyd becomes Heisman favorite with second straight triumph over elite SEC squad

Wes Maulsby

1. Tajh Boyd, Senior QB, Clemson:

Previous Game: 18-30, 270 yards, three touchdowns

Season: 18-30, 270 yards, three touchdowns

Being the only player on the list with a marquee win in this short season, Boyd has placed himself atop the Heisman list by helping Clemson beat Georgia last week. He’s making a name for himself while changing the philosophy of a program. Clemson has long had a stigma of failing on the big stage. As the Tigers' leader, Boyd is leading them to a conference and national title contention. 


2. Teddy Bridgewater, Junior QB, Louisville:

Previous Game: 23-28, 355 yards, five touchdowns, one interception

Season: 23-28, 355 yards, five touchdowns, one interception

The knock on the Cardinals coming into the season was never over their talent, but over their schedule. A perfect regular season may not earn them a national title shot but Bridgewater’s performance on Sunday forced the voters to seriously consider Louisville. If he continues to play the way he did in Week One, he’ll be in the running for a Heisman and a national championship.


3. Jameis Winston, Freshman QB, Florida State:

Previous Game: 25-27, 356 yards, four touchdowns

Season: 25-27, 356 yards, four touchdowns

He’s only played one game, but he looked pretty good in it. There’s almost no way that he will be able to continue those numbers throughout the season, but if he can keep his production up, then he’ll earn Heisman consideration. Johnny Manziel proved a freshman can win the Heisman last year and Winston looks better than any other contender for the award. So why not put him up here? 


4. Marcus Mariota, Sophomore QB, Oregon:

Previous Game: 12-21, 234 yards, one touchdown

Season: 12-21, 234 yards, one touchdown

Mariota is the lone player represented from the West Coast and another young, exciting quarterback on the list. He’ll continue to put up big numbers every week until he begins to face some of the big names in the Pac-12. A road game against Washington in mid-October will be the first time he faces a legitimate contender so, until then, we’ll have to wait and watch as he puts up ridiculous numbers against weaker competition.


5. Jadeveon Clowney, Junior DE, South Carolina:

Previous Game: three tackles

Season: three tackles

Clowney didn’t play like a Heisman contender last Thursday. He didn’t play like the projected top overall pick in the draft, nor did he look like the kind of dominant player that many expected him to be. He looked tired, sluggish, disinterested and one-dimensional at times. Everyone gets one mulligan, especially early in the season, but he can’t afford to get stood up at the line of scrimmage against Georgia. Aaron Murray may not be the biggest guy, but he is a capable quarterback and Gurley will be looking to take Clowney’s spot on this list, which he may deserve more based on their Week One performances. We’ve heard the excuses, now it's time to see if Clowney is the real deal.