14 Things you didn’t know about Bevo XIV

Zachary Strain and Christine Ayala



1. Bevo XIV took over as the official University mascot at the age of two.


2. Bevo XIV was originally named Sunrise Studly and was a champion show steer before taking on mascot duties.



3. He weighs 2,000 pounds and eats 60 pounds of food a day.


4. Bevo XIV’s horn-span is more than six feet.


5.Despite the common claim that he is medicated for games, Bevo XIV and his predecessor Bevo XIII are docile by nature and have never been medicated for a game or appearances.


6. Bevo XIV is not owned by the University. His owners, Betty and John T. Baker, care for him and spend more than $3,000 annually on food and maintenance alone.


7. Bevo XIV is like a pet. Betty Baker, one of his owners, calls him “Baby,” and he lets her rub his belly.


8. He has a best friend named Sunrise Spike who he grazes with when he’s not at a gig.


9. Bevo XIV and Bevo XIII are not related but were buddies before Bevo XIII retired. Bevo XIII is on display in his owners’ home.


10. Bevo XIV’s dad, Sunrise Sid, was killed by a lightening strike almost 10 years ago.


11. Bevo XIV has a two-month old half sister, Sidrita — the product of artificial insemination.


12. Bevo XIV has many famous friends. Matthew McConaughey has visited his ranch and Bevo XIV attended George W. Bush’s second inauguration.


13. He makes 40 to 50 appearances a year, including home games. The Silver Spurs, a student organization, take care of his transportation in his custom trailer.


14. Bevo is the subject of an in-depth feature story