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Cornerback Eryon Barnett tackling Jalen Claiborne during Texas game against Wyoming on September 1, 2012.

[Photo] Opponents to Watch: Wyoming

September 14, 2023

Cornerback Eryon Barnett tackling Jalen Claiborne during Texas' game against Wyoming on September 1, 2012.

Football vs Kansas State, loss, Manhattan


Football vs Kansas State, loss, Manhattan


When picking yogurt snacks during finals, remember there are multiple choices

Elisabeth Dillon May 4, 2015

Greek yogurt cups may be some students’ go-to snack during this final week of classes, but if you’re looking to shake up your routine, remember this: There’s more than one way to eat...


Chickpeas offer healthy alternative to many snacks

Elisabeth Dillon April 27, 2015

Hummus may be the go-to snack for many students, but its main ingredient often goes overlooked by the average consumer. Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, belong to the legume family, meaning...


Skip the pasta and add more whole grains to your diet

Elisabeth Dillon April 20, 2015

Many college students may get their daily intake of grains from the rice in Chipotle burritos. But the field of whole grains extends far beyond rice and offers endless nutritional benefits that require...


Five vegan, vegetarian-friendly restaurants

Elisabeth Dillon April 16, 2015

Austin is steadily becoming one of the leading culinary cities in the nation. At the forefront of the food movement are vegan and vegetarian restaurants. The Daily Texan complied a list of the best meat-less...


Go nuts with your diet and improve your heart health

Elisabeth Dillon April 13, 2015

It’s time to get a little crazy with your diet. That’s right — it’s time to go nuts.  Nuts, such as Brazil nuts, almonds, cashews and pecans, are full of heart-healthy fats...


Passover rules and recipes for a yeast-free week

Elisabeth Dillon April 6, 2015

Passover, the annual festival celebration of the Jews’ liberation from Egyptian slavery, began Friday and will last eight days. Over the course of the holiday, those observing Passover adhere to...


Best local options for Easter brunch in Austin

Elisabeth Dillon April 2, 2015

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the weekday, but brunch is the most important meal of the weekend, and Easter is no exception. The Daily Texan compiled a list of the best brunch offerings around...


Stir up your cooking with sauces and dips

Elisabeth Dillon March 30, 2015

If there were a culinary-themed Bop It game, it would go something like this: Dip it! Stir it! Swirl it! Spread it! Sauces and dips are not only fun to play and experiment with, but they also provide extra...


Oat my goodness: Oats are an easy, nutritious breakfast option

Elisabeth Dillon March 23, 2015

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it's important to look past the tacos and cereal to get a little more creative. Oats, the beloved foundation of many morning treats, deserve...


Six great places to eat during SXSW

Elisabeth Dillon March 13, 2015

Between keynotes, film premieres and keeping track of secret pop-up shows, it’s easy to forget the most important — or at least my favorite — part of South By Southwest: eating. SXSW...


Six tacos to try while you’re in Austin for SXSW

Elisabeth Dillon March 13, 2015

South By Southwest wouldn’t be complete without an overload of tacos. Tacos are an Austin staple, and, whether you’re a local or just visiting for SXSW, they’re the key to making any...


Citrus brings freshness to typically heavier winter cuisine

Elisabeth Dillon March 9, 2015

Citrus often brings to mind memories of warm summer days. But luckily for us, citrus is actually in its peak season during winter — and its jewel-colored tones brighten up the darkest of days.  Grapefruits,...


Seven under-appreciated frozen treats for warmer weather

Elisabeth Dillon March 6, 2015

Although Punxsutawney Phil prophesized that winter would continue, the weather is gradually starting to warm up here in Austin. As temperatures rise, students will need to cool off with frozen treats of...


Seven kitchen tools every college student should have

Elisabeth Dillon March 4, 2015

Cooking can be daunting for college students who aren’t the most experienced in the kitchen. Life can be made much simpler with the right tools. The Daily Texan compiled a list of seven tools every...


Get your veggie fix with Brassicas, the best family of vegetables

Elisabeth Dillon March 2, 2015

“Eat your vegetables.” It’s a phrase people love to emphasize, but more often than not, the action is easier said than done. Just imagining slimy kale and mushy boiled Brussels sprouts...


Don’t hate on mason jars; they’re actually the best

Elisabeth Dillon February 25, 2015

You know the scene. There’s that one person on the bus chomping on some green sludge that looks semi-expired, and it’s in a mason jar. Always a mason jar. You scoff on the inside while they...


Get to know coconut and open up a world of cooking possibilities

Elisabeth Dillon February 23, 2015

Texas isn’t anyone’s idea of a tropical paradise, but food lovers can still get their island fix with coconut.   Coconut palms thrive in high-humidity tropical areas and are mainly...


Give a toast to toast

Elisabeth Dillon February 16, 2015

Go ahead and toss out your box of stale Wheaties — because there’s a new breakfast of champions in town, and it goes by the name of “toast.” Toast may not sound like the flashiest...


10 sweet Austin dessert options for this Valentine’s Day

Elisabeth Dillon February 11, 2015

Still trying to figure out how to put the sweet in sweetheart this Saturday? Consider visiting any one of these Austin establishments for all your Valentine’s Day needs.  Halcyon Everyone...


Make chocolate a part of your Valentine’s Day

Elisabeth Dillon February 9, 2015

Chocolate, like Valentine’s Day, is a powerful force that demands attention — no matter how much you might want to ignore it.  A thick, fudgy brownie topped with swooping chocolate...


Snack attack: Keep hunger at bay with healthier options

Elisabeth Dillon February 2, 2015

Step away from the vending machine. Seriously, say goodbye to it. You’re breaking up — effective immediately. When you’re hungry and in a hurry, there is a healthier way...


Spice things up in the kitchen this semester with dried herbs, spices

Elisabeth Dillon January 26, 2015

Adding spices to a dish is the equivalent of a professor giving students extra credit just for showing up to class: It requires little-to-no effort and makes everything better.  Before stocking...


Healthy, smart tips to ‘smoothie’ out the new year

Elisabeth Dillon January 20, 2015

“This semester, I’ll read the required books for every class.”  “I’m going to go to Gregory five times a week.” “This semester, I’ll read...

Dale Earnhardt Jr. visits Austin, promotes NASCAR over Formula 1

Elisabeth Dillon February 26, 2014

Dale Earnhardt Jr., the 2014 Daytona 500 champion, made his first ever trip to Austin on Tuesday afternoon and said motorsports fans, especially in the states, should focus on NASCAR and not...


John Mayer has moved on from mishandled interviews, vocal cord surgeries, and Taylor Swift.

Elisabeth Dillon December 7, 2013

John Mayer is misunderstood by almost everyone. But that wasn’t an issue at the Frank Erwin Center on Friday night.  After a long stint away, Mayer has finally gotten back into music....


For your favorite music-head

Lauren L'Amie, Elisabeth Dillon, and David Sackllah December 6, 2013

“Houston Rap” by Peter Beste, Waterloo Records, $49.99  Over the past few decades, Houston has developed one of the most vibrant hip-hop cultures in the country with artists such as...


Break out of the box with holiday treats this season

Elisabeth Dillon December 6, 2013

Come holiday time, ovens in America get a little worn out with the constant cooking of turkeys, side dishes and desserts. And that still leaves the cook wondering what to make for the work parties, holiday...

Brussel Bake 15 (1)

Hype surrounding Brussels sprouts is well deserved, and this skillet recipe proves it

Elisabeth Dillon November 22, 2013

Brussels sprouts, the long undervalued and overlooked relative of cabbage, are finally getting some love.  Not the most romantic vegetable, these leafy-green pods recently hit the foodie spotlight,...


Why college students should bake their own bread

Elisabeth Dillon November 15, 2013

In the baking world, bread is notoriously difficult to perfect. Why spend hours in the kitchen nervously waiting for the dough to rise when you can buy a soft, yet slightly crunchy loaf from a local bakery...

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