SG representatives announce resolution to cut stipends for executive branch

Madlin Mekelburg

At the Student Government Assembly meeting Tuesday, a future resolution was announced that calls for the elimination of government stipends given to all executive branch members. The resolution will be filed at the next assembly meeting.   

The SG budget outlines a tuition allotment for the president and vice president of $5,200 each, as well as a government stipend of $6,840 each. It also details a $3,420 stipend for each of the other five executive branch members. The resolution would only affect the stipends.

According to Andrew Houston, architecture and urban studies senior and chair of the rules and regulation committee, the funds for the stipend take up about 36 percent of SG’s entire budget.

John Brown, government sophomore and one author of the resolution, said he thinks the stipends are unnecessary.

“I’m not out to get anybody, I’m just trying to equalize the playing field,” Brown said. “It’s unnecessary to have those stipends. I know [the executive branch] is open to doing something like this.”

Houston said similar resolutions in the past were unsuccessful, but this resolution has a good chance of succeeding because of SG’s emphasis on its role as an educational opportunity for all students.

“There are also people within the assembly, almost every year, who intend on trying to run or becoming part of the executive branch in the future, so they kill [the resolution] so that they don’t ruin the opportunity for themselves,” Houston said.

Brown said the resolution currently has no sponsors, but he hopes to see more active involvement from the members of the assembly.