MAP: UT buildings and the history behind their names

Bobby Blanchard

Orange — A building named after a UT president, faculty member or regent.
Green — A building named after a donor.
Yellow — A building that is unnamed. The University might name the building in the future, however.
Purple — The UT Tower and Main Building.
Light Blue — A building named after someone who is neither a former UT president, faculty member of regent or a donor.

The University of Texas at Austin campus is made up by more than 200 buildings — almost 100 of which are named after an individual. Most named buildings were named in honor of a renown UT president or faculty member. However, the University has named more buildings after donors in recent years as it has become dependent on philanthropy.

Check out this interactive Google map above to see whom the buildings you take your classes in are named after — and check out Monday's issue of The Daily Texan for an in-depth story about the history behind UT's named buildings.