Ortiz’s World Series performance ranks among all-time greatest

Ryan Haddox

Monday, the Red Sox pushed the Cardinals to the brink of elimination in the 2013 World Series with a 3-1 victory. Or maybe that should read: David Ortiz and the Red Sox pitching staff pushed the Cardinals to the brink. 

While the rest of the Red Sox's lineup continues the funk it started in the American League, batting a measly .144 through the first five games of the series, Ortiz is being clutch in the postseason. After his 3-4 night Monday, Ortiz is hitting a staggering .733 through five games with an OPS of 2.017. To put that into context, the average major leaguer’s OPS is .730. He’s 11-for-15, with four extra base hits and six RBI. If you replace the Game 1 sacrifice fly he had, which was a grand slam before Carlos Beltran reached into the Red Sox bull pen and robbed it, his numbers are even more absurd. 

While Ortiz continues to add to his October legacy, we’ll run down a list of the top five greatest postseason performances ever. If Ortiz can finish what he has started, where do you rank him on this list?

5. George Brett

Brett led the Royals to three-straight American League meetings in the 1970s, finally getting to the World Series in 1980. Brett hit .370 in the World Series in 1985 and had four hits in Game 7, helping to produce the Royals’ only World Series championship.

4. Paul Molitor

All Molitor did in the 1993 World Series was club .500 for the six-game series, hit two home runs and take home MVP honors.

3. Lou Gehrig

In 1928, in the midst of six consecutive World Series championships for the Yankees, Gehrig hit a whopping .545 with four home runs and had an OPS of 2.433.

2. Reggie Jackson

In the 1977 World Series, the aptly named “Mr. October” hit .450, bashing five home runs and finishing with an OPS of 1.792. 

1. Babe Ruth

It’s not a real baseball list if the Sultan of Swat isn’t at the top. Ruth hit .625 in the 1928 World Series and banged three home runs in Game 4, clinching a third-straight title for the Bronx Bombers.