ZBT members reprimanded for crude party drawings

Anthony Green

After members of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity painted a mural depicting sexually graphic images, the UT dean of students has left the disciplinary process up to the chapter. With more than three weeks of “evaluation,” the chapter judicial board has not decided on a verdict for the members responsible.

ZBT members met with the UT dean of students’ office in response to the mural that was painted over last week with other provocative images — including a woman clothed in a bra and jeans bending over with an armed gunman firing a missile toward the woman with the words “REP ANAL.” 

Phil Butler, coordinator of Greek life for the dean of students office, said the private conversations with the chapter over the controversial murals concluded Monday. 

“We met with the incoming and outgoing leadership earlier this week, and I feel like, at this point, it was a good conversation and we feel like we have addressed what we need to with the organization,” Butler said. 

No resolutions were mandated by the dean of students’ offices.

The members responsible for painting the mural for the fraternity’s annual “Pat O’Brien’s” party attended hearings conducted by the chapter judicial board. 

UT alumnus Laurence Bolotin, executive director of ZBT national headquarters, said the chapter is holding the members accountable for
their actions. Bolotin said the meetings between chapter leadership and the University have been productive.

“[The Chapter] looks forward to continuing to build a strong fraternity experience for their brothers while collaborating with those who are there to assist,” Bolotin said. “All chapters have areas that need improvement and we look forward to partnering with our local chapter and the University in building upon the chapters strengths while also focusing in on areas that can be improved upon.”