Interactive: Gubernatorial contributions from UT staff, faculty and regents

Bobby Blanchard

Updated Tuesday, Feb. 26 — In Greg Abbott's and Wendy Davis' latest campaign finance reports, Davis reported raising another $3,665 from UT professors and staff, while Greg Abbott raised $5,000 from a single member of the UT System Board of Regents.

Abbott did not report any UT professors giving to his campaign, though he did report one student in the school of law giving him $500. Regent Robert Stillwell contributed $5,000 to Abbott as well. Four of the nine regents have now given to Abbott.

Of the 12 UT employees who gave to Davis, contributors includes distinguished senior lecturer Hillary Hart who serves as the chair of the Faculty Council. Hart gave $1,000 to Davis.

Early voting for the primaries are ongoing. Students can vote on campus in the FAC. Primary election day is March 4. 

Check out The Daily Texan’s interactive graph below:

​Tuesday, Feb 4 — The most recent campaign contribution reports from Texas gubernatorial candidates and likely party nominees Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis reported just 13 new donations from UT affiliated individuals.

Analysis of the newest campaign reports, which covers the month of January, is similar to previous Texan analysis — Davis is reaping more individual contributions, while Abbott is raising more money.

Regent Chairman Paul Foster gave $100,000 to Abbott, bringing his total campaign contributions to the current attorney general to $175,000 — the most that any UT affiliated individual has donated to Abbott or Davis. Regent Gene Powell also gave $25,000 to Abbott.

Foster and Powell’s donations were the only two UT affiliated contributions to Abbott in January. Davis reported $2,271 in donations from 11 new UT affiliated contributions.

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