Tuition committee receives extension

Madlin Mekelburg

The UT System extended the deadline for a student ad hoc committee to submit a tuition proposal after UT administrators formally requested an extension. 

The proposal, originally due Wednesday, is now due Friday, according to Kevin Hegarty, UT’s executive vice president and chief financial officer. 

The committee, made up of student leaders, was charged with recommending up to a 2.6 percent increase for in-state undergraduate tuition and a 3.6 increase for out-of-state tuition. 

“I appreciate UT System being flexible with us on this one,” said Andrew Clark, Senate of College Councils president and member of the committee. “It allows us to fully take in all the feedback we’ve gotten from students and faculty and others. We probably could have gotten it done, yes, but this certainly will help us.”

Typically, tuition advisory committees are formed every two years around August to create a proposal for setting tuition, following directives from the UT System Board of Regents. This year, the regents issued a directive halfway through the fall semester that forbade tuition increases for in-state students. As a result, a smaller-than-typical advisory committee — composed of three people — recommended a 3.6 percent tuition increase for out-of-state students.

On Feb. 25, the regents issued new instructions that a full committee should be formed to consider an in-state tuition increase. 

The UT System and the tuition advisory committee have both received significant student criticism — the System for not allowing enough time for a proposal to be developed, and the committee for failing to provide avenues for broader student input.