Student Government members withdraw support of Hall critique

Nicole Cobler

A Student Government resolution calling for the resignation of UT System Regent Wallace Hall was taken off the SG agenda Tuesday because many students who originally sponsored the legislation felt that it prematurely accused Hall of being guilty. 

The legislation, AR 4: “Calling for the Resignation of Regent Wallace Hall,” was originally written by chief of staff Chris Jordan, finance and English junior, and administrative director Nosa Aimuyo, government junior, according to liberal arts representative Sergio Cavazos, the first sponsor of the legislation. Cavazos said he decided to pull his sponsorship after realizing he would not be able to help re-word the legislation. According to Cavazos, seven out of the eight assembly members who had originally sponsored the resolution pulled their names.

“I think all of us as Student Government representatives value due process,” Cavazos said. “We were not willing to support a resolution that specifically condemned Wallace Hall for his actions based on an investigative report which has not been proven in a court of law. … I voiced my concerns in several different conversations with several different members of the executive board and the none of the legislation changed. That’s where I drew the line and said progress isn’t being made and I can’t support it.”

The House Select Committee on Transparency in State Agency Operations has investigated Hall since July 2013 for potentially overstepping his duties as a regent. Earlier this month, the final report from the special counsel to the committee indicated Hall likely committed impeachable offenses during his time as regent. 

Cavazos said he would consider supporting the legislation again if it were reworded.

Although the resolution was tabled, the SG executive board signed a letter calling for Hall’s resignation. 

SG President Kori Rady said he thinks Hall’s actions have disrupted the daily operations of the University.

Seven former student leaders, including former Senate presidents, issued a similar letter Wednesday. 

“It is time to end the ‘witch hunt’ against President Powers and UT-Austin,” the letter said. “It is time you step down from your position as regent.”