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October 4, 2022

Plan II sophomore founds fashion philanthropy

Chris Foxx

Flowing maxi dresses, screen-printed shirts and delicate jewelry fill the pages of Clothing for Causes’ online catalog. The organization’s trendy website represents a purpose that goes beyond style. Through fashion, Clothes for Causes aims to create a positive impact on the world.

Anisha Srivastava, business and Plan II sophomore, founded Clothes for Causes out of a desire to effect change through her interests in business and fashion.

Before moving to Texas, Srivastava lived in Thailand for five years and developed her interest in philanthropy work through her experiences in Thailand and summers spent in India.

“I enjoy working creatively with designers, photographers and models,” Srivastava said. “I love applying what I learn in class to projects, and it is very exciting actually applying concepts and creating a business.

Clothes for Causes’ mission is to empower the younger generation to act on its passion for philanthropy. A quarter of proceeds from clothing sales are donated to support nonprofit organizations conducting a broad range of philanthropic work.

Srivastava asked Plan II sophomore Caroline Read to model clothing for Clothes for Causes’ catalog.

“I was so excited because I really believe in what she’s doing,” Read said. “I really believe in Anisha’s goal to raise money for disease education and
other charities.”

Srivastava plans to release multiple fashion collections, each inspired by different philanthropic causes.

“The designs, colors and cuts of the clothes embody the message and spirit of the cause,” Srivastava said.

Clothes for Causes recently released its first collection, called Cause Collection: Fight Against HIV/AIDS. Proceeds from this collection go to the Right Now Foundation, a U.K.-based organization that supports HIV-positive children across India.

Business honors sophomore Jenny Lai took the photos featured on the Clothes for Causes website. Lai said the photos are meant to capture fashionable clothes in a philanthropic light.

“We wanted to create a brand that would appeal to socially conscious college students,” Lai said.

Srivastava cites businesses such as TOMS as an inspiration for Clothes for Causes’ business model.

“This love of products paired with causes will help us support initiatives on a scale not always achievable through fundraising,” Srivastava said. “Our products tell the story of the cause and, through that, provide an opportunity for customers to advocate for the cause.”

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Plan II sophomore founds fashion philanthropy