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October 4, 2022

Pointe residents told to move in four days after classes begin

Marshall Tidrick

Although spring semester classes began Tuesday, would-be residents at the Pointe on Rio apartment complex still have not been allowed to move into their apartments. In an email sent to leaseholders, managers said the building will open Saturday. Pointe on Rio managers have delayed move-in day four times since mid-August. 

In the email to leaseholders, Pointe managers said they are waiting to receive a certificate of occupancy because of an “inability to get sidewalks/drives poured.”

Pointe officials repeatedly declined to comment on the delays. 

Advertising junior Dito Prado, who signed a lease with Pointe last summer, said he thinks upper management has been unreliable throughout the leasing process. 

“When I signed my lease, I was already pretty skeptical of whether it would be done by August,” Prado said. “It’s definitely gotten more frustrating over the past couple of months because they’re telling us that, ‘For sure, this time it’s going to be done,’ but something happens. They don’t always tell us that move-in has been pushed back right away.” 

Prado said he was told leaseholders cannot break their contract with Pointe without paying a $500 fine. Some students have contacted lawyers to try to opt out of their leases without charge, Prado said.  

Would-be Pointe residents, who were provided with accommodations in Dobie Center for the fall semester, will be allowed to stay another week, and leaseholders’ rents will be prorated from Jan. 10 until the day of move-in, according to the management email. Dobie Center managers declined to comment on the number of Pointe leaseholders currently staying in Dobie Center. 

Although Allison Peregory, government sophomore and leaseholder, said she does not entirely blame management, she would have liked more notice about the delays. 

“I would love to already be living [at Pointe], and I did not plan on living in Dobie when I signed my lease, but you have to do what you have to do,” Peregory said. “And, unfortunately, I have just had to wait longer than expected to live in my apartment.”

Pointe leaseholder Ross Marabella, student in the Denius-Sams Gaming Academy, said he would like managers to compensate future Pointe residents for the delays. 

“I’d hope the people at Pointe on Rio would make an earnest effort to make up for the time and the delays,” Marabella said. “I don’t know — by making an honest effort to communicate that to us or at least provide some compensation in some way.” 

Pointe officials acknowledged the situation is unfortunate for both management and would-be residents.

“We more than appreciate your patience with us as we know this has not been an easy process for any parties involved,” Pointe officials said in an email.


Check out our interactive timeline of Pointe on Rio construction delays below. Scroll over each date to see our reporting, and click on the headline to read the full story as it originally ran.

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Pointe residents told to move in four days after classes begin