More free stuff is toxic leftism

Howard Sachs

Dear Editorial Board,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on "free" community college with the campus and off campus community. May I respond with respect.

Your views are normative from our college campuses; namely they are steeped in leftist values rather than American values. They undermine our law, particularly our constitution. They undermine our freedoms. They undermine our economic system.

Our founders understood we would devolve into soft tyranny if the central government became a free-hand-out machine. That is what is happening now. We are living and terribly declining in a post-Constitutional America. In fact, our founders argued the Constitution created a federal government not even there to distribute compassion to American citizens. It was set up to offer us vast freedom, protect private property, your money, protect us from the powers of unbridled government; set up to let us live as we choose to live and spend our money as we see fit. It was given very limited but important powers like defending us and giving us one currency. Otherwise, it was there to leave us alone. The role of the federal government should not be to provide free community college, free healthcare, free food, free Obamaphones and free contraceptives. That is the role of utopian tyrannies run by folks like Mao, Lenin and Castro. It is unlawful and wrong for the President to argue otherwise.

Remember board members, such unlawfulness from our leftist President is in essence a freedom destruction machine. In essence he says he will order John in Alaska to go out and work and hand his private property to Mary in Florida because he feels she needs it more. He will command every member of the editorial board to go out and work and hand over huge amounts of their private property after college to cover the 7 trillion dollars in debt he has charged onto their credit cards with this new  "free" goodie. Freedom has nothing to do with Mr. Obama's leftism.

I'm sorry to sense huge holes in your education. I don't mean to patronize but you should consider checking out things like the great Prager University for some of his great five-minute courses on American values and American economics. It sounds like you are learning little of them for your high tuitions at UT.

It’s quite apparent the board seems to know little about the greatness, workings and morality of free market capitalism. Your college costs are sky high because of people like our leftist President and his Marxist economics. When the government takes wheelbarrows of private citizens’ money and dumps them onto the laps of college Presidents in the forms of "free stuff", something naturally happens. Prices skyrocket. This anti-American economics is wrong and anything but free. It is destructive and demeaning to our great people.

Howard Sachs, Washington, DC