This week’s Forum to focus on student involvement off campus

Amil Malik

Last semester, Forum began as a new biweekly addition to The Daily Texan — serving as a place for students and professors to engage in a discussion regarding pressing issues of the moment. This semester, though the Forum continues its mission to supplement the daily Opinion page, the focus will be a bit different. Rather than tying stories to the news in the traditional paper format, each Forum issue will have a predetermined theme, allowing for a more in-depth analysis of the areas important to students at the University of Texas. 

Today, the Forum has focused on the work UT students have been doing at all levels of government. We have one piece from a student interning at the Texas Legislature, another from a student who recently finished up a semester in Washington, D.C., through the Archer Fellowship Program and a third piece from Invest in Texas, a student-led, nonpartisan campaign dedicated to advocating for UT students to the Texas Legislature. 

Take a moment to read the perspectives shared in these articles. After all, what UT students do within our government and all areas of our country, stands as testament to the fact that “what starts here changes the world.”

Malik is editor of the Forum page. She is a Plan II, finance and business honors junior from Austin. Follow Malik on Twitter @amil_malik94.