Pointe on Rio opens, but inside, construction continues

Samantha Ketterer

After more than five months of delays, the Pointe on Rio apartment building opened to leaseholders Saturday morning. However, construction is still ongoing inside the building, according to residents.

Pointe on Rio’s original move-in date was in August, before the start of the fall semester. The building’s management company, Asset Campus Housing, first moved the date to October because of construction delays. In September, leaseholders were notified of another delay pushing move-in to Jan. 10. Pointe then delayed its opening three more times in January in order for the building to pass inspection by the city.

Oscar Gonzalez, Pointe leaseholder and public health junior, said management made him sign a construction addendum stating leaseholders will not be able to withhold rent if there are disruptions, such as loud noise or closed amenities. 

“There’s still stuff under construction — it’s expected,” economics junior Marla Gonzales said. “There’s a lot of little things that need to be done.”

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Dito Prado, leaseholder and advertising junior, said his apartment is missing a door to its laundry area, and the floor is scratched near the refrigerator. 

“I’ve been hearing from other people, too, that they’re missing things,” Prado said. “Like things got done pretty quickly, and corners were cut.”

Prado said management told him that construction will be complete in mid-February.

“It seems more like they got their certificate of occupancy, rather than the building being done,” Prado said. “I’d say they have a few weeks to go.”

Prado said he is just happy the delays are over — and even happier to have permanent housing.

“I’m definitely glad to be here now,” Prado said. “I had low expectations going into the building, because I knew it wouldn’t be done at all.”

Many Pointe residents lived in Dobie Center for free last semester. Friday, a representative from Dobie Center sent an email announcing a vacancy of 100 beds that “were previously occupied by some of the Point on Rio [sic] tenants.”

Pointe management were unavailable for comment.