Fiji party theme a matter of freedom of speech

Monte H. Smith

In response to Monday's article, "Guests wear ponchos, sombreros and construction gear at 'border patrol' fraternity party":

Of course it is bias. Many citizens are biased against those who choose to break our country’s laws — and Phi Gamma Delta has exercised its First Amendment rights in a parody theme party. Entering our country illegally makes one a criminal, and therefore such people should be discriminated against. Citizens should be biased against them, just as we are toward any criminal. The University and other organizations have somehow, in their obsession with political correctness, abandoned reason and equality under the law and instead chosen well-intentioned dumb thinking. They have chosen euphemisms for illegal aliens and deemed them simply undocumented immigrants. Now the University, in its wisdom, has chosen an excellent method to deal with those of us who express and indulge in diverse thinking. The Division of Diversity and Community Engagement (which should really be named the Division of Special Privilege) will quickly stamp out any free thought or discussion that is not politically correct, and now we see the strong arm of the thought police expressed in the Campus Climate Response Team. I wonder if they wear trench coats and jackboots. God forbid any true intellectual freedom or diverse thought at UT.

— Monte H. Smith, retired employee of UT’s Project Management and Construction Services, in response to the Monday article titled “Guests wear ponchos, sombreros and construction gear at ‘border patrol’ fraternity party.”