Reader warns Chick-fil-A customers: You could be overpaying for bagels


I visited the Chick-fil-A on MLK Boulevard this past Saturday.  My friend and I noticed that we were charged $0.30 over the posted price.  While this isn't a large sum of money, it doesn't reflect a ~7% overcharge to the consumer.  The manager had previous knowledge of this pricing discrepancy and acknowledged the fact that we were overcharged.  He made no effort to provide an explanation for the situation and instead offered to refund our credit card the $0.30.

Just thought this might be something that the UT students would be interested in knowing about a frequently visited food establishment.  I have no idea how long this discrepancy has been in place, but I'd imagine quite a few students have been overcharged there.  

— A Chick-fil-A customer.