Galentine’s Day Guide: How to celebrate like Leslie Knope would

Marisa Charpentier

Valentine’s Day ushers forth single awareness, unnecessarily large teddy bears and way too many heart-shaped candies. But five years ago today, Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope altered the commercialized – and often depressing for certain singles – stigma associated with mid-February. Amy Poehler’s iconic character declared Feb. 13 “Galentine’s Day,” a holiday commemorating all the women in her life.

Since its inception, viewers have followed suit by organizing Galentine’s celebrations of their own. Instead of wallowing in singleness or only celebrating your significant other this weekend, grab your friends, sisters, roommates, hairdressers, bus drivers and any other women in your life and celebrate the Leslie Knope way. 

  2. Here are five ingredients for a perfect G-Day with all your best gal pals:
  4. 1. Dinner: Start the night with a nice meal. Make reservations for you and ten or so of your favorite ladies somewhere appetizing, like Papasito’s or Abel’s on the Lake. Taking the Leslie Knope route and ordering up some waffles to go is always another option. While at dinner, share memories, laughs and libations. 
  6. 2. Gifts: Leslie always expresses how much she cares by giving thoughtful gifts. But you don’t have to create a mosaic portrait of your friends’ faces from broken bottles of their favorite diet sodas or write a 5,000-word essay describing what you admire about them. A nice card or a poster of their favorite female role model (i.e. Beyoncé) will certainly do the trick. 
  8. 3. Speech: Leslie tends to address her friends during dinner to express her appreciation for them. If you don’t want to show your affection in this way, just fill the night with inspirational mottos from Leslie herself: “Hoes before bros,” “Ovaries before brovaries” and “Uteruses before duderuses.”
  10. 4. The Playlist: Make sure to fill the night with lyrics of empowering songs from artists like Beyonce, Superchick and Avril Lavigne. Music that inspires you to feel “flawless” should accompany car rides and any random dance sessions that may ensue throughout the night.
  12. 5. Movies: Cap off the evening with classic women empowerment films like “The Help,” “Brave,” “Miss Congeniality” or “A League of their Own.” Or, watch the superwoman herself on Netflix episodes of “Parks and Recreation” to spend the night “just ladies celebrating ladies.”