What UT should do if campus carry passes

Francis D. Fisher

UT should be planning how it will adjust if the legislation authorizing holders of a license to carry a concealed weapon on campus becomes law. The most obvious and helpful action would be simply to share information from the state list of licensees. The UT directory would thus identify all authorized gun carriers among faculty, students and staff.  A student’s knowledge of a teacher's possible concealed weapon might affect the choice of courses. The listing would help students select a roommate with compatible views on the carrying of guns, pro or con. And students with a license might be given seat assignments in class that would ensure an unobstructed line of fire, if needed. Although we can hope that a teacher's grade would not be affected because of concern about a student's gun, to be fair to the student, the license to carry should be noted on any transcript.

— Francis D. Fisher, senior research fellow in the LBJ School of Public Affairs