Aggie auctioneer at UT surplus auction not welcome at Pickle Research Center

Harrel Sharrick

I was at the UT surplus auction Feb. 18 out at the Pickle Research Campus and was taken aback by the auctioneer’s comments about the University during the auction.  There was a pallet of UT cups that he said wouldn’t sell because they were “UT” cups.  He also went on  to call Bevo a cow. This would be kind of funny and expected coming from an Aggie, Jim Swigert, president of Swico auctions, under normal conditions. But since when do we hire Aggies to come in and disrespect the University on a PA system on our dime?  Maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t the Pickle Research Campus part of the University of Texas? Whoever hires these guys obviously doesn’t have any pride in the University or they wouldn’t put up with that kind of thing on our turf!

— Harrel Sharrick, UT alumnus