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October 4, 2022

Four under-$20 shows to see in Austin this weekend

Caleb Kuntz

Austin is known as the live music capitol of the world — but given the price of most concerts, if you’re a college student on a budget, you might as well be in Lubbock.* Good news: The Daily Texan is here to help. Here are four under-$20 shows you can check out this weekend.

  • Who: Panoramas 
  • Where: Holy Mountain
  • When: Friday 9 p.m.
  • Cost: $5

Girl bands are taking the music scene by storm this year. If you’re a fan of HAIM or Tegan and Sara, you’ll know that girl bands rock — and Moving Panoramas is no exception. The trio recently signed with Austin-based record label Modern Outsider as they plan to release their debut LP, “One.”   

Although they aren’t as energetic as their aforementioned counterparts, Panoramas’ atmospheric vocals have a trance-like effect. Just listen to their song “Please,” and you’ll understand. The song is perfect for weeding out those who will or will not enjoy this show. The hypnotic music might be a little too mellow for those looking for a wild Friday night.   

Similar artists — Band of Horses, Local Natives

Who: Modern Medicine

  1. Where: Mohawk
  2. When: Friday 11:30 p.m.
  3. Cost: $7

The members of Modern Medicine broke into the local music scene in 2005, and you catch them at Mohawk this weekend. The song “Holy Roller” sums up the band’s characteristic resonating melodies. With jangly guitar riffs and a simple harmony, the song feels like a forgotten addition to the Boyhood soundtrack. 

Similar bands — Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Father John Misty 

  2. Who: Marco Benevento
  3. Where: Parish
  4. When: Saturday 10 p.m.
  5. Cost: $12

With the release of his album “Swift” last September, Marco Benevito now has seven albums under his belt. For the first time, Benevento steps up to the plate as lead vocalist. His lighthearted, low vocals make you wonder why the keyboardist shied away from singing before.

With songs like “At the Show” and “If I Get To See You At All,” Benevento blends jazz and rock as he transitions from upbeat melodies to powerful bass lines. 

Similar artists — Capital Cities, Coconut Records, The Shins

  2. Who: Moving Castles
  3. Where: Spider House Ballroom
  4. When: Sunday 8 p.m.
  5. Cost: $5

Moving Castle’s sunny, guitar-driven music will help you leave behind the cold weather. Its pop rock songs’ lyrics stick in your head for the rest of the day. 

The local band released their second EP, “The Want,” in January. Their new songs, notably “Launch Party” and “The Want,” deliver the band’s trademark catchy hooks, as well as tease the band’s rumored full length album. 

Similar artists — Bleachers, Passion Pit

*No offense, Lubbock students. We’re glad you’re here now.

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Four under-$20 shows to see in Austin this weekend