Racism still a clear problem at UT

Riley Brands

Sixty-five years ago this summer, Heman Sweatt — following an order of the U.S. Supreme Court — became the first African-American admitted to the UT Law School. It was the beginning of the end for much of Jim Crow's deleterious legacy throughout this school and this state. Unfortunately, all these years later, racism is still an elephant in the room at this University. As exemplified by the recent offensive border control-themed Texas Fiji party, prejudice and intolerance are sadly alive and well in some corners of the 40 acres. This week's Forum page examines its pervasiveness and what might be done about it.


Brands is editor-in-chief. Forum Editor Amil Malik is on a leave of absence while she runs for the Texas Student Media Board of Operating Trustees.  Follow Brands on Twitter @ribran.