Four under-$20 shows in Austin March 13 – March 15

Cat Cardenas

Editor’s note: In this recurring column, writer Cat Cardenas will round up four artists who are performing over the weekend for under $20. Have a suggestion? Send a tweet to @crcardenas8.

  • Who: Mirror Travel 
  • Where: Cheer Up Charlie’s 
  • When: Friday 10 p.m.
  • Cost: $5

Psych rock band Mirror Travel is a big fan of the distorted guitar. Featured on almost every one of their songs, the effect is most prevalent on “Mexico.” 

After the Austin-based band signed with local record label Modern Outsider, it produced “Mexico,” its third album. Released in October of 2013, the ten-song album explores the band’s psychedelic sound, featuring droning drum beats and lead singer Lauren Green’s distant vocals.

  • Who: Aesop Rock
  • Where: Mohawk 
  • When: Saturday 8 p.m.
  • Cost: $18

Known as the rapper with the biggest vocabulary around, Aesop Rock stayed under the radar for much of last year. This January, the rapper released two songs, teasing his rumored EP with rapper Blueprint.

One of those songs, “Bug Zapper,” begins with an ominious piano melody. “Cat Food” echoes this dark mood as Aesop raps over a grinding, warped guitar. 

  • Who: Charlie Faye 
  • Where: Strange Brew
  • When: Saturday 9:00 p.m.
  • Cost: $10

While Faye’s first album focused on her move from New York to Austin, her second album, “You Were Fine, You Weren’t Even Lovely,” is about a different kind of moving on — this time, from a breakup. Still, Faye’s album is far from sad. Although a few songs border on slow, her pure sound carries listeners through the songs rather than weighing them down. 

  • Who: Cymbals Eat Guitars 
  • Where: Mohawk
  • When: Sunday 5 p.m.
  • Cost: FREE

After releasing their third album, “LOSE,” indie rock band Cymbals Eat Guitars is venturing into new territory. 

The band reveals its range during energetic songs such as “Chambers” and the more experimental “Laramie.” Lead singer Joseph D’Agostino’s voice sets the tone for each song, providing vocals that vary from aggressive to relaxed. The guitarists and drummers round out the band’s sound by providing bright chords and heavy drum beats.