Texas Tennis fan got it right

I would like to briefly comment on the Firing Line submitted by Bobby French, identified as a Texas Tennis fan and resident of Austin, which appeared in Tuesday’s Texan.

First and foremost, I wish to absolutely agree with the sentiments expressed by Mr./Ms. French. It is difficult to understand why the “powers that be” would divert home tennis team matches (both male and female) to venues that are not reachable by UT shuttle or any other buses. As a fierce and longtime fan of our home team, I am troubled that a majority of students who might wish to attend, but have no car, cannot do so. 

The original courts have been demolished to make way for a parking garage, which I lament although I support the medical school. 

However, one correction I would like to make to the letter published: I personally asked UT’s athletic director, Steve Patterson, what the future would bring and was told a new tennis stadium would be built at the Intramural Fields location, which is accessible via UT shuttle and several other bus routes.

That being said, I cannot more eloquently express the writer’s own words, so I will repeat them: “The University should be ashamed of the way the Texas tennis teams and their fans have been treated this season.”  My only question is: where has Coach Mike Center been all this time?  On the road?

— John Stephen Taylor, government alumnus, in response to the Tuesday Firing Line titled “Texas Tennis deserves proper home.”