New coffee stand to open in McCombs School of Business

Rund Khayyat

Enactus, a social entrepreneurship club, is preparing to open a coffee stand in the atrium of the McCombs School of Business, but the stand is missing one essential thing — a name.

Enactus is a global organization with a presence in 36 countries and on 250 university campuses in the U.S. According to Dennis Passovoy, the club’s faculty adviser and a management lecturer, Enactus allows its members to hone their individual abilities through creative projects that ultimately benefit the community. 

“These kids are mostly business students, but they come from all over campus, and they vary in where they are in their education,” Passovoy said. “What unifies them is their passion for social issues. They want to give back to their community and participate in making the world a better place.”

Enactus held a school-wide competition to find a name for the stand. The club accepted submissions from April 13 through Saturday and will pick finalists for students to vote on sometime next week. The top three finalists will receive a free month of coffee.

“We received about 153 submissions, but narrowing them down will be difficult because there were so many great ones,” said Farahn Hughes, Enactus member and business sophomore. “Some that stood out were Texan Beans Business, the Bean Counter and Cap. X Expresso.”

The coffee stand will open after O’s Campus Cafe closes at 2:30 p.m. and will be run by student volunteers. The club members are still finalizing stand hours and menu options, according to Hughes.

“We are discussing reaching out to a local coffee partner in order to better help the community,” Hughes said.

The stand’s profits will provide ongoing money for the club’s projects.

According to management junior Emily Bennett, the late-night stand will be a welcome addition because many college students study late at night.

“A lot of students study in the atrium and O’s later in the evenings,” Bennett said. “It is unfortunate that O’s closes so early, as you have to pack up and leave the building to find food or coffee.”

Hughes said she believes the late-night coffee will be well received.

“Coffee for college students — especially at McCombs, especially late at night — is necessary,” Hughes said.