SG Assembly discusses resolution to distribute pamphlets in courses with cultural diversity flag

Samantha Ketterer

The Student Government Assembly heard a resolution Tuesday in support of a pamphlet that would be distributed in courses carrying a cultural diversity flag. 

As the resolution stands, the pamphlet outlines historical incidents of racism and sexism at UT. The authors of the resolution said the pamphlet would help stop the repetition of this racism and sexism in the future.

“We understood that talking about these things wasn’t going to make people comfortable,” said Bryan Davis, government senior and author of the resolution. “But given the history of things that happened at UT over the years, … we kind of want [the pamphlet] to drive home the point that these are issues that need to be taken very seriously.”

The resolution was originally not on the agenda because an SG representative did not turn a copy of the resolution in on time. After several students spoke during open forum and asked the Assembly to hear the resolution, the Assembly voted to add the resolution to the agenda.

Davis said he wanted the Assembly to hear the resolution so it could have the chance to approve the resolution before the end of the semester.  

“I came in here thinking that the bill was dead,” Davis said. “I’m at a loss for words. I didn’t think this was going to happen.”

The resolution will move to the Student Affairs committee and, if passed, will be taken to a vote in SG next week. If SG approves the resolution, the University would still have to approve the pamphlet before it could be distributed in courses with a cultural diversity flag.