Student Government committee discusses resolution to encourage cultural awareness

Samantha Ketterer

The Student Government Student Affairs Committee discussed a resolution Wednesday that would support all student-led efforts to raise awareness of racism and sexism on campus.

A specific effort in the resolution is to “reform each Cultural Diversity flagged class through the implementation of archives from the past 75 years which document racism and sexism at UT.” The resolution states this could be done through a pamphlet distributed in Cultural Diversity-flagged classes.

Since the pamphlet has not yet been completed or approved, the committee voted to add language to the resolution stating that the Student Affairs Committee and other SG agencies would monitor the creation of the pamphlet.

“I think this resolution is pretty specific to distributing the pamphlet in class,” said Micky Wolf, business representative and business and Plan II freshman. “It’s not just a blanket statement, in my opinion. … We don’t want to give a stamp of approval to something that, six months down the road, might look different.”  

Bryan Davis, government senior and author of the resolution, said there was too much concern on the pamphlet in the committee meeting.

“The pamphlet isn’t meant to be an end-all be-all to the racism discussed,” Davis said. “It also needs to be understood that the pamphlet is just a beginning to the entire process.”

The SG Assembly will vote on the resolution Tuesday.