BMX Big Air caps off Day 3 of the X Games

Aaron Torres

Kickflips, high flying tricks on motorcycles and one BMX Big Air competition for the ages.

The third day of X Games was filled with thrills.

The day started with the Toyota Skateboard Park. Curren Caples was able to reclaim the gold medal from defending gold medalist Pedro Barros.

In the final round, Caples did a 5-0 drop of the spine into a noseblunt to claim the top score of 86.00. Pedro Barros had enormous transfers and a clean 540 of the wall to take home the silver.

“"I had no plan coming here today,” Caples said. “I had certain tricks I wanted to do, but didn't exactly know how to get there."

Caples found a way to get there, at 19 years young.

Alexis Sablone took the gold medal in the Women’s Skateboard Street. Sablone had a strong flow and displayed technical tricks to help her earn her fourth gold medal in the event.

Sablone did a monstrous kickflip front 50-50 grind on the hubba ledge and followed that with a massive ollie off the roof gap.

Fifteen-year-old Pamela Rose was unable to get over the hump and had to settle for her second silver medal in the event.

“I was trying to stay focused,” Rose said. “I had a good first run which is the best because then I wasn’t as stressed as I usually am, on the last run I felt like I could take a risk – I’m so happy.”

In the BMX Dirt final, Kyle Baldock captured his second consecutive gold medal in the event.

Baldock squeezed by Mike Clark and Chris Doyle on his final run after smoothly completing the track and nailing mechanical tricks to post a score of 90.

The GoPro BMX Big Air was the day’s last event, and it did not disappoint.

In the final run, Texas native Morgan Wade was ahead and appeared to have the gold medal in the bag.

Then Colton Satterfield happened.

Satterfield, the defending gold medalist, had one last chance to get his second-straight gold medal in the event.

In front of a crowd that had been supportive all night, Satterfield attempted to land the double flair on the big air for the third and final time. The third time was the charm as he nailed the trick.

A euphoric crowd erupted in cheers, and his best supporters gawked at what they had witnessed.

Satterfield’s coach ran up the big air ramp to greet and hug him, knowing that Satterfield had done what he needed to do to win the gold.

“I did a double flair on a Megaramp Quarterpipe. Satterfield said after claiming his second consecutive gold medal in the event. “I’m super pumped! The feeling is indescribable.”

So was the trick.