University launches internal investigation after cheating allegations

Aaron Torres

A story from The Chronicle of Higher Education has prompted the University to launch an internal investigation into the claims that former Texas basketball player Martez Walker cheated on a math test yet still received passing marks in the class. The report also alleges that athletes received improper help completing high school requirements before enrolling in UT.

“The University takes any suggestion of wrongdoing extremely seriously," the University said in a statement. "We are always looking to identify problems that may exist and ways we can do better. Working with external NCAA bylaw and academic compliance experts Gene Marsh and Geoff Silver, UT is investigating allegations raised by The Chronicle of Higher Education and has contacted the NCAA about them.”

The story, picked up by media outlets including The Dallas Morning News and the Austin American-Statesman, said that in fall 2013, Walker was caught cheating on his math test by taking pictures of the test with his phone.  

Walker withdrew from Texas in fall 2014 after being suspended because of allegations that he assaulted his girlfriend. He is now enrolled at Oakland University in Michigan.