Outdoor lap pool and spa at Gregory Gym to close for replastering

Jack Mitts

The outdoor lap pool and spa at the Gregory Gym Aquatics Complex will close July 15 for replastering, but swimmers won’t be hung out to dry, as the other outdoor facilities will remain open and Rec Sports will extend hours at its indoor natatorium.

The replastering is routine maintenance in accordance with Rec Sports’ master maintenance schedule, said Jennifer Speer, associate director of communications, assessment and development for Rec Sports.

“Pools usually have to be replastered about every 8-10 years,” Speer said. “Our complex is turning 10 this November, and so it’s right there in the time frame.”

Replastering the pool will mean draining the 206,630 gallons of water inside the outdoor lap pool as well as the water in the spa. UT Facilities Services will then neutralize the water and feed it into Waller Creek.

Draining, replastering and refilling the outdoor pool and spa will take just over five weeks, and the facility will reopen just in time for the fall semester.

Rec Sports chose to replaster the outdoor lap pool and spa during the summer because replastering requires warm weather, and the facility usually has fewer patrons during the second summer session, according to Speer.

The outdoor lap pool and spa at Gregory Gym will close for replastering July 15. The facilities will reopen August 21. Jesús Nazario | Daily Texan Staff

Speer said the closure won’t affect the hours available to student lifeguards, who will pick up shifts at the indoor natatorium.

The indoor natatorium, which typically operates from 6-9 a.m., 12-2 p.m. and 5-7 p.m. on weekdays and from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on weekends, will be open during its regular hours and all hours the outdoor lap pool would be open.

Lisa Lennon, landscape architect for Facilities Services, swims at the outdoor lap pool during her lunch break a couple times a week and said she would move to the indoor natatorium to swim when the outdoor pool was closed.

“I like being outside better than inside, but it’s only for a few weeks, so it’s not that bad,” Lennon said.

Manuel Trevino, technical staff assistant at the Applied Research Laboratories, said closing the outdoor pool for replastering won’t be a problem for him because he’ll now be able to swim at the indoor natatorium, which was usually closed when he visited the gym.

“It’s nice to be inside when the sun is pounding on you,” Martinez said. “It’ll be nice because they’ll have extended hours there, so they’ll be open throughout the day.”

The outdoor pool and spa will reopen after replastering is completed August 21.