Texas falls to Baylor, 1-2

Aaron Torres

Texas would have been a lock for the No. 2 seed in the Big 12 with a win Sunday.

A win over Baylor would have given the Longhorns 16 points in conference play, and no team could have caught them. Even a tie would have given Texas a point.

Instead, a crowd of 799 watched the Longhorns come up empty.

Texas lost to Baylor 2-1 at Mike A. Myers Stadium on Sunday afternoon. The hopes of finishing No. 2 in the Big 12 decreased with each goal the Bears put in the back of the net. Texas entered the game with 13 points and remain at 13 points after the loss.

“I think we really battled,” redshirt freshman forward Mikayla Flores said. “Even though we were down 2-0 with about, what, 20 minutes left, we still fought our hearts out.”

At the 64:45 mark, senior defender Brinkley Field was called for a handball inside the box. Baylor senior defender Katie Daigle scored on the ensuing penalty kick. Three minutes later, senior midfielder Lindsey Meyer headed the ball out of the box, but it went right to Baylor freshman forward Lauren Piercy. She fired from 13 yards away to give Baylor a 2-0 lead.

“Just the misfortune on a windy day,” head coach Angela Kelly said.

Both goals were results of Texas errors. The ball bounced up and hit Field’s arm. Meyer cleared the ball, but it went straight to Piercy.

Texas answered back with 4:53 left. Freshman forward Alexa Adams passed the ball to Flores inside the box, and Flores scored to cut the deficit to 2-1.

“We just ran out of time there at the end,” Kelly said. “But to be honest, I am proud of the way we responded in the last 15 minutes.”

Texas sprinted and fought for a chance to tie the game in the last five minutes.

“That’s the important piece to a squad,” Kelly said. “That’s where we’ll never break.”