Who Needs to Step Up: Kansas

Jillian Kushner

The Quarterbacks

Regardless of who is under center, they need to be able to make plays. Neither redshirt freshman Jerrod Heard nor junior Tyrone Swoopes has been able to do this when it comes to throwing the ball. Texas’ passing yards have been less than 100 yards the past three games. Against Oklahoma, this run-game-focused style of play was successful. Against Iowa State, it was not. Texas was blown out by Iowa State 24-0 — the Horns were unable to get anything going on any front. Texas only had 85 passing yards out of 204 yards of total offense. Iowa State had more than double this with 426 total yards. Texas’ non-existent passing game made Texas an easy team to stop. By now, opposing teams know Texas’ running plays. The Horns have a handful of talented receivers that are blocking instead of catching because they are never targeted. As quarterbacks, Heard and Swoopes need to learn how to throw to their receivers. Texas stands no chance the rest of the season if the passing game is not established. 

The Defense

There is no reason Texas’ defense should have allowed Iowa State to scored 24 points. The defense must do better in these types of situations. When the offense is not doing its part, the defense needs to step up. This has not been the case in recent games. When the offense gets down, the defense gets down as well. Instead of stepping up to the plate, the defense loses its energy and lets the opposing offense take control. Against Iowa State, the defense looked weak — they did not even seem to be trying. The big defensive plays that Texas fans saw in recent games did not occur against Iowa State.