PTS to seek student authorization to relocate cars within campus

Zainab Calcuttawala

Students must authorize Parking and Transportation Services to relocate their cars to another parking space on campus rather than an off-campus impound yard due to a change in state law, according to an email sent out to the University Nov. 12 by the department.

PTS is implementing the new policy on an opt-in basis. If a student would like to have their car towed to an impound lot rather than another parking spot on campus, they must change their towing authorization via the PTS website, according to the email. Otherwise, no action will signal a student’s authorization for the department to tow their car to another parking spot if the situation arises.

PTS relocates cars on campus if the car poses a safety concern to the University community at the time, according to PTS director Bobby Stone.

“We relocate cars for certain events, especially for those that would create safety concerns if cars are not relocated,” Stone said. “Examples include marathons through campus or when a car has been abandoned.”

PTS rarely tows cars on campus, according to the email. Stone said PTS’ policy in towing cars to on-campus parking spots saves students both time and money.

“The advantages of allowing PTS to relocate vehicles to another lot on campus are more obvious: Having easy access to your vehicle within walking distance and avoiding extra storage fees at a tow yard,” Stone said.

Students can use information on nearby signage or contact UTPD to determine the location of their car if they return to an empty parking space, Stone said.

“Information on where a car is towed, whether it be on campus or off campus, is available by calling the phone number listed on the signs in the areas from which a vehicle was towed,” Stone said. “Additionally, we coordinate with UTPD, so if someone discovers their car is missing and calls UTPD, they would be able to advise them about the location of their car.”

According to the email, with no action on the students’ part, this authorization will become part of students’ permit agreement with the University effective Nov. 20.