Suspect apprehended in downtown shooting

Nashwa Bawab

A suspect is currently in custody after a shooting that happened in downtown Austin on Monday afternoon in the 500 block of Seventh Street.

The Austin Police Department is investigating the incident that occurred in front of the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless. The shooting, which occurred at around 1:30 p.m., resulted in the injury and hospitalization of one individual. According to a report by KXAN, the victim has multiple gunshot wounds, but the injuries are not life-threatening.  

Austin Police Officer Ivan Ramos said he does not have any information on the suspect yet. 

“All I know is he was apprehended, and they haven’t given us his information yet,” Ramos said.

As of press time, Ramos said he does not know if anyone from the homeless community was involved in the shooting. At a press conference, Ramos said APD was looking through security cameras in the area to collect more information. Two officers in the area as well as two officers nearby were able to work together to check on the victim as well as apprehend the suspect who tried to evade police by hiding underneath a car. 

APD will be informed on the charges the suspect will receive after investigation by detectives, according to Ramos. 

Ramos said the reason behind the shooting is unknown, but he does not believe the Austin community should be worried.

“I believe it is an isolated incident — I don’t think there is anything people have to be worried about,” Ramos said.