Kin’s Coffee opening delayed until spring semester

Ellie Breed

The construction period for Kin’s Coffee, a new shop on the first floor of Kinsolving Dormitory, has been extended from its original November completion target to Jan. 19, the first day of spring classes.

The extension did not add to the project’s $475,000 budget and was necessary because of material delays, according to Rene Rodriguez, director of Food Services.

“Just like any other project, it has to do with equipment lead times and material lead times,” Rodriguez said. “That has been our biggest holdup, really. We are just delayed due to not getting everything that we ordered in on time.”

The Division of Housing and Food Service also delayed the project’s completion to ensure students living at Kinsolving were not disturbed by construction noise during final exams, Rodriguez said.

“Another reason that the lead time kind of moved out was in consideration for the residents,” Rodriguez said. “With finals and things like that coming up, we will suspend construction to make sure that we have quiet hours so that the students don’t have to worry about people banging and hammering. So, we have the construction completely off-schedule to help the residents concentrate during finals.”

Jamie Richardson, youth and community studies freshman and Kinsolving resident, said the construction period’s delay has not posed any problems, but she is concerned that the shop might cause crowding upon its completion.

“The construction hasn’t been a nuisance to me, personally,” Richardson said. “The work is done during the day, and I’m usually in class or somewhere else on campus when it is happening. I think it will be nice to be able to stop by in the mornings and grab a cup on my way out, but my only concern is that the shop will lead to long lines and crowds of people during popular hours at the dorm.”

Completing this project will provide Kinsolving residents with a coffee vendor close by and improve the appearance of the dorm, according to Thiri Lwin, Kinsolving resident and chemical engineering freshman.

“The construction hasn’t really gotten in my way, and I’m pretty excited to have a coffee shop … since there aren’t many close [by],” Lwin said. “Sometimes the construction gets noisy, but it is during hours that it wouldn’t be bothersome to most people. I’m ready for it to be completed mostly because the south side of Kinsolving will look much nicer after it is done.”