Scenarios: Baylor

Jillian Kushner

Texas wins if…

The offense can keep up. Baylor is an offensive machine and has been so for the last few seasons. The Bears are not afraid to run up the score on anyone. The fewest points Baylor has scored this season is 21, which was last weekend against TCU in a 28-21 loss. Baylor will move the ball and move it fast. If the Longhorns get behind, they’re done. Baylor is now playing with their third string quarterback Chris Johnson. The redshirt sophomore already has 200 passing yards after two games. Tyrone Swoopes — who will be starting against Baylor —­­ only has 386 passing yards all season. Baylor is known for their explosive pass plays downfield. Texas will need to find a way to match this style of play. This means no more hand-offs on every single down. It is time for Texas to get the pass game going, which means playing more receivers than just  seniors Daje Johnson and Marcus Johnson, freshman John Burt and sophmore Armanti Foreman. Texas needs to use sophomore Lorenzo Joe, as he’s had a good amount of success when he has been on the field. Texas also need to use freshmen Ryan Newsome and DeAndre McNeal and junior Jacorey Warrick. Baylor has too many offensive targets for the Horns to only stick with three or four receivers.

The defense can stop Corey Coleman. Junior wide receiver Corey Coleman emerged as a Heisman candidate midway through the season and his stats explain why. Coleman has 1,314 yards and 20 touchdowns. He averages 19.6 yards per catch. This will be the biggest challenge the Texas defense has faced all season. Coleman can and will expose the weaknesses in the defense if given the chance. Coleman is not the only concern for the Texas defense. Baylor’s explosive offense is unlike anything Texas has faced. Baylor may have a 9-2 record, but they are by no means a two-loss team. Texas should handle this game as if they are playing an undefeated Baylor. This game needs the mentality the Texas-Oklahoma game had — ­­Texas needs to bring the team who upset OU.

Texas loses if…

Texas plays like Texas. Heading into Saturday’s game, Texas is the 21-point underdog. Texas’ chances of winning this game are extremely slim, but it can be done. If the Texas who lost to Texas Tech shows up, there is no chance for the Longhorns. While Texas’ running game was great on Thanksgiving, the defense still allowed 665 yards and 48 points. Tech’s offense may be good, but Baylor’s is great in comparison. Texas also had two turnovers and lost a handful of players to injury. Texas will need to act like another team to win this game, because acting like Texas will not.