New communications major prepares students for more diverse jobs

Ellie Breed

The Moody College of Communication has created a new communication and leadership undergraduate degree, which focuses on communication training and interdisciplinary courses. 

The major, which opened for registration this fall to incoming freshman and transfer students, will prepare students for careers in public service, philanthropy, nonprofit and nongovernmental organization administration.

Students in the major will take classes from various departments in the college with a focus on ethical leadership, communication foundations, the understanding of social challenges and promoting social change through philanthropy.

Barry Brummet, professor and Department of communication studies chair, will be teaching classes within the major and said the degree’s interdepartmental approach to learning sets it apart from other majors. 

“This is the first interdisciplinary major in Moody,” Brummet said. “It is part of a growing trend across UT. Students will be able to put together a rich and diverse plan of study from a variety of departments and disciplines. This will be the plan for degrees in the future.” 

Communication and leadership freshman Rey Castillo wants to pursue a profession in the music industry but hopes to gain leadership experience through the major. 

“The concept of leadership has intrigued me my whole life,” Castillo said. “I like the idea that someone can truly influence and make change happen through their words and actions. I have an interest in a career in the music industry, but I still hope this major will help me pursue any career that will allow me to make the world a better place to live in.” 

Although students can study leadership in many majors across the University,  communication and leadership is different because of the professions it trains students to enter. 

“By being a part of this new major we can say that as a department we are helping to further social change for positive good in the world,” Brummet said.