Police arrest man suspected of public intoxication outside West Campus Starbucks

Will Clark

A man was arrested Monday night outside the Starbucks on 24th and San Antonio streets, where witnesses said he stole drinks and approached students there, prompting one student to call the police.

Keila Crosby, an international relations and global studies senior, saw the man cross the street, drop his phone, fail to pick it up and pour his Four Loko on top of it. The man then kept walking around the Starbucks patio, grabbed a Starbucks cup and threw it on the ground, Crosby said.

“He reeked of alcohol and kept getting in people’s personal space,” said Jake Eastman, an international relations and global studies senior. “Then he just screamed, ‘Where’s the party?’”

The man approached art freshman Logan Larsen on the street and then went in and out of the Starbucks.

“He couldn’t open the door,” radio-television-film freshman Emma Rappold said. “He tried like five times. There was clearly an internal struggle going on.”

The man looked over studio art freshman Lindsay Davis’ shoulder and stared at her laptop inside the Starbucks, Larsen said.

Eastman said he called the police at 8:28 p.m.. According to the on-call Austin Police Department public information officer, the suspect was arrested for public intoxication and warrants.

The APD PIO said he had no further comment on the incident.