Student veteran chooses write-in candidate Evan McMullin in presidential election


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Daniel Hamilton

Student veteran Daniel Hamilton chose to write in Evan McMullin when he cast his presidential ballot during early voting.

Hamilton, a government senior, served in the U.S. Marine Corps for five years, specializing in security forces and infantry. Hamilton said his experience in the military influenced his voting decision.

“My service in Iraq and Afghanistan made me deeply aware of where and why our forces are being deployed,” Hamilton said. “Members of the Armed Forces need to understand their mission and trust their leaders."

McMullin’s experience in the CIA and political ideology make him the most qualified candidate, Hamilton said.

“His personality, professional experience and politics reflect conservative values,” Hamilton said. “His experience in the CIA and in the House make me comfortable he can lead the country in a time of emerging and complex threats.”

Foreign policy is the most important issue in this election and knowing the new commander in chief is level-headed is crucial, Hamilton said. 

“I vote for the president based on their foreign policy and what kind of commander in chief they would be,” Hamilton said. “The American people need a steady leader to explain how we are disrupting and deterring threats against the homeland and our allies.”