Executive alliance candidates talk campaigns


Photo Credit: Emmanuel Briseno and Gabriel Lopez | Daily Texan Staff

The Student Government executive alliances were officially announced on Tuesday night, and each ticket is gearing up for the election season with a unique campaign platform. Elections will take place March 1 and 2.

Blake Burley and Robert Guerra

Blake Burley, philosophy and government junior, said he was inspired to run for student body president with finance junior Robert Guerra after working on current SG President Kevin Helgren’s campaign last spring.

 With the slogan, “For the Forty,” the Burley-Guerra platform will focus on student issues, and includes decreasing transcript fees, getting more students to athletic games and increasing accessibility to SG representatives.

“Let’s give ourselves a break for a little bit from trying to change the world right now,” Burley said. “If that is detracting from our ability to be Longhorns together,… then let’s not deal with those politics. Let’s focus on issues that are genuinely affecting all students right now and be ‘For the Forty.’”

Burley said he and Guerra are open to suggestions for their campaign platform.

Isaiah Carter and Sydney O’Connell

Government junior Isaiah Carter and corporate communications junior Sydney O’Connell said they are running on a platform of safety, inclusion and acceptance.

“I care a lot about campus safety, campus diversity and giving voice to marginalized communities,” Carter, SG chief of staff, said. “These are things that I want to (address) as student body president.”

Through the campaign theme “Come As You Are,” Carter and O’Connell hope to encourage students to be unafraid of who they are.

“‘Come As You Are’ basically means to be unapologetic of what makes you unique,” Carter said. “You watch the news these days, and you find every reason to find differences in yourself… This (platform) is basically a response to all rhetoric that seeks to divide us.” 

Carter and O’Connell’s platform includes initiatives for expanding SURE Walk, implementing a fall break and creating a multi-faith center on campus.

Alejandrina Guzman and Micky Wolf

Alejandrina Guzman, government and Mexican-American studies senior, and Micky Wolf, Plan II and business honors junior, are running on a platform with six points: diversity and inclusion, accessibility, service, affordability, addressing sexual assault and spirits and tradition.

“Our vision is to have a more empowered student body so they can overcome personal challenges, take initiatives in their hands and make a positive impact in UT and around the world,” Guzman said.

The Guzman-Wolf campaign slogan “RALLY” represents both the literal definition of the word and the acronym, “Reaching All Longhorns Like You,” Guzman said.

Guzman has served as SG university-wide representative, her running mate Micky Wolf’s current position, and she is now the director of the disabilities and inclusion agency within SG.

“Personally, being Latina, being a woman and being differently abled, that weighs in a lot of different fears of community,” Guzman said. “I’ve seen how important it is to be represented in student government.”


Correction: "RALLY" of the Guzman-Wolf campaign stands for “Representing All Longhorns Like You.” The original post of this story had the acronym as “Reaching All Longhorns Like You.”​​​​​​​ The Texan regrets this error.