Alejandrina Guzman-Micky Wolf campaign promotes advocacy, representation


Executive Alliance candidates Alejandra Guzman and Micky Wolf pose for the cameras on Wednesday, March 1. They hoped to rally their supporters in the ongoing SG elections. 

Photo Credit: Gabriel Lopez | Daily Texan Staff

With a slogan to “RALLY” the student body together as president and vice president, Alejandrina Guzman and Micky Wolf are running on a platform of accessibility, empowerment and representation.

“Our vision is to have UT students know they have resources, know that they’re supposed to on campus, and that they have all the right to make UT their home base,” said Guzman, a government and Mexican-American studies senior. “It’s just (about) being able to advocate for students, being able to connect and bridge different communities together (and) being able to empathize.”

Wolf, Plan II and business honors junior, said what makes the Guzman-Wolf campaign unique as student leaders is its focus on trying to help others grow as leaders who can make an impact on campus.

“We seek to represent all students by working directly with them as opposed to only claiming to work for them,” Wolf said. “I think that there is not a team that is as selflessly focused on empowering others as (ours).”

Wolf said the Guzman-Wolf campaign plans to add handicap-accessible vans to SURE Walk, create a textbook exchange program to make textbooks cheaper, provide guarantor forms for undocumented students in more off-campus apartment buildings and integrate the Multicultural Engagement Center and the Gender
and Sexuality Center.

With an emphasis on advocacy, the Guzman-Wolf campaign will work directly with student leaders on campus initiatives, including SG tabling in the West Mall and working with experts of Voices Against Violence, SURE Walk and campus service initiatives.

“If those advocates are not in that space when these conversations are happening, it’s not the best thing,” Guzman said. “I think that’s pretty much step one in the whole tangible action process, bringing student leaders and advocates in the room and in these conversations.”

Wolf said the campaign also wants to put the non-conference Texas A&M-UT football game back on the schedule, which would take place in 2025.

“I know that’s something that’s not going to directly affect everybody right now, but hopefully that’s going to affect us for the rest of our lives as Texas Exes,”
Wolf said.

As director of the SG Disabilities and Inclusion Agency, Guzman has served as the co-director of the Latino Community Affairs at the Multicultural Engagement Center for the past two years and is a current member of Texas Orange Jackets.

“Being in that space alone, I have heard so many different stories (and) empathized with so many different students,” Guzman said. “At the end of the day, we’re passionate about helping others, we’re passionate about bringing everybody with us and uplifiting everyone at the same time.”

Guzman would be the first female Latin American student body president and the first differently abled student body president at the University.

Wolf is a current SG university-wide representative and has co-founded several initiatives around campus, including Texas for Expanding Opportunity, Texas Leaders and the Improve UT challenge.