Student bridges three religions


Photo Credit: Carlos Garcia | Daily Texan Staff

On some weekends, Taylor Kwon finds herself speeding between a Buddhist temple, a Korean Presbyterian church and a Catholic church. 

Exercise science senior Kwon boasts both Mexican and Korean heritage. However, she said her household was just like any other standard American household. 

“You know how Asians, you walk into your home and take off your shoes immediately?” Kwon said. “My home, we didn’t have to do that. You just go straight in, you go to your room and you take off your shoes. Like the dishwasher? We use our dishwasher.” 

Because she doesn’t speak Spanish or Korean, Kwon decided to try to connect to heritage through religion. Though she was raised Catholic, Kwon branched out to Korean Presbyternianism and, recently, Buddhism. 

“Buddhism gives you this set of morals to follow, and if you follow them, you’re a good person,” Kwon said. “It doesn’t matter if I’m Catholic, mixed-heritage. I’m still the same as you. We’re still on the same level, the same platform.

She said her mixed heritage has made it easier for her to reach out to other cultures.

“I feel like if I was just one heritage, I would just stick with that one heritage and not experience other cultures,” Kwon said. “It’s nice to experience other people’s cultures, how they pray and all of that stuff. More people should do that.”

Although it’s been a winding journey to accepting her heritage, Kwon said she wouldn’t change anything about herself. 

“I just hope people who are mixed, who don’t feel accepted within their culture, know who they are,” Kwon said. “Be proud of being mixed.”