New vice president, SG assembly sworn in


Photo Credit: Ann Morris

The 111th Student Government assembly and Micky Wolf, student body vice president, were sworn in at its inaugural meeting last night.

Student Body President Alejandrina Guzman missed the meeting as she was in Washington D.C. for the Big 12 on the Hill conference. In her absence, Wolf led the meeting with the message, “Start with yes.”

Wolf encouraged all representatives to be innovative and challenged them to be as connected to their constituents as possible.

“In student government, you’re going to hear that these things can’t be accomplished,” said Wolf, Plan II and business honors junior. “But at the same time you should be thinking about, ‘How can we make these ideas happen?’”

During the meeting, the assembly elected University-Wide Representative Madison Huerta to be the Speaker of the Assembly. The assembly also elected representatives to the chairs of its seven committees.

Business junior Huerta, said she hopes to create a more cohesive assembly. The assembly culture from the last session didn’t necessarily encourage the representatives to collaborate on legislation outside of committee or assembly meetings, she said.

“First and foremost it starts with a collaborative environment and an energetic environment,” Huerta said. “If we start our meetings strong and we can encourage every rep to be positive and everyone wants to give back while we’re here, then that’s how we’re going to foster an environment that’s going to be more productive.”

Outreach is a major priority both Huerta and Wolf discussed during the meeting. Huerta said not enough people know what SG is and who their representatives are, and they hope to change that during these last few weeks of the semester.

“I want us to come into this with an eye for making this the most efficient organization possible when it comes to empowering and connecting students,” Wolf said. “Being able to spend every single day thinking about those problems is what’s exciting to me.”

This meeting is the start to business representative Vivianne Tu’s second year in SG. She said the atmosphere of the meeting was a lot more vibrant compared to last year, and the enthusiasm of the new members gave her a lot of hope for the coming year.

“Everyone that I’ve gone to talk to has been super engaging and enthusiastic,” business junior Tu said. “I have no doubt in my mind that the assembly (members) are going to work their asses off to ensure that student’s voices are being heard.”